Dancing With Butterflies

Today is the happiest day ever….. until tomorrow that is.

Today while mowing the lawn, and cleaning up our landscaping I had a magical moment.

Not magical because all of my laundry is done.  Not magical because not one of our 6 animals yakked, or defiled my house in any way.  Not magical because I received my shipment of recyclable coffee k-cups in the mail.

Nope, magical because one of my favorite songs came on my ipod, and at that same exact moment a flutter of butterflies took flight and we all danced together in the back yard.  Yup, even the dogs.


I am a happy person by nature.  I find magic in so many things…..  Napping with all 6 of our animals like Snow White.  Baby birds taking a bath in our waterfall.  Hummingbirds playing in the flowers outside of my kitchen window.  Being able to turn Netflix on by myself without assistance.  It’s the little things.

I hope you are all happy today, and able to find the magic in your life that surrounds you.  Take a moment for yourself, and imagine that you too are dancing with butterflies.



Tips and Hints

The guilt was killing me. My great escape from the dreaded K-cup…..

If you know me you also know that coffee is the cornerstone of my life.  I have been a daily coffee drinker since the age of 15, and as a result I am the proud owner of my very own “Gold” Starbuck’s card.  Yup, it’s got my name on it and everything.  🙂

For 10 years I was a proud Bunn coffeemaker owner.  I had two of them so I could take one with me when I travelled.  No waiting for coffee for me.  Nope.  Twenty minute brew time- no way.  My faithful Bunn gave me an entire pot of coffee in about 3 minutes.  I gave every member of my family a Bunn on various holidays, because I love them, but also so I did not have to wait the dreaded 20 minutes for coffee when I visited them.  Yup, that’s me.  Mrs. Thoughtful.

My poor Bunn

Then one day… I was introduced to the Keurig (insert Angels singing here).  I bought a travel Keurig first, and then upgraded to the full size one once I was hooked and no longer using my poor Bunn.

Travel Keurig
Travel Keurig
Full size Keurig
Full size Keurig
This brings me to the “great escape” as I now call it.
I’m so much more aware now of recycling as much as I can versus 3 years ago.  I use cloth Walmart bags when I shop……. Once I found out that my Keurig k-cups were not recyclable I started obsessing over it.  I mean, just my contribution to landfills with the number of k-cups I went through was staggering.  Add in millions of people and I could just see the earth filling up with k-cups.     Then I heard about this viral video

It’s the best 2:27 of your day.  K-cups raining down from the sky, a Godzilla like k-cup monster terrorizing the city and it’s people……  Just go watch.  🙂

Then one day I ran across a Facebook advertisement for Intelligent Blends.  Being a coffee snob I was hesitant, but the coffee pods being recyclable was the straw that broke the k-cups back.  Intelligent Blends had this great sampler deal. For just $4.99 I got 8 coffee pods to try, and I was hooked.  Now I order 100 at a time, and have it on auto-ship for every 4 weeks.

IMG_1908 IMG_1909

Instead of paying roughly $1.00 per k-cup and filling the landfills up I now pay $.38 per coffee pod and recycle my little butt off.  $38.03 per box of 100!  Yay me!

So, if you are trying to do better like I am, if you are a coffee maniac like I am, if you like to save money like I do, and you want a big recommendation…. here you go.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions.